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TKT Facility & Environmental Systems

About the company.

TKT Taiwan

is a leading company in the field of industrial Cleanroom Technology in Taiwan. Since 1997 TKT Taiwan has been executing major projects in the microelectronics and pharmaceutical industries for volumes up to USD60 million each. Projects with an area exceeding 100,000m² have been completed successfully.



TKT Taiwan was originally established in 1996 as a branch office of Krantz-TKT Germany. The first project was the 8" Wafer Fab Holtek Fab 2, followed by the successful execution of many projects for major customers in Taiwan, such as TSMC, UMC, etc. and in the last few years mainly NANYA, INOTERA, MEIYA and MICRON. We also did several projects in China (GSMC, Phillips). In total we executed projects of approx. USD400 million to the satisfaction of all clients.

Technik… our Know-How…

It is our goal to serve our customers with the latest and most advanced technologies as a reliable partner to our common success. Our multinational engineering team is very experienced and trained in a wide range of facility systems.

Kompetenz… our Experience…

Through many years of experience in Europe and Asia, we combine German engineering expertise with Asian flexibility and the cost advantage of local fabrication facilities. This has created a highly efficient and economical material supply environment with our unique engineering skills.

Tradition… from where we come…

We are bound to the tradition of TKT, the former leading European company in the field of facility and environmental technology. We did our first footsteps in in Taiwan for TKT almost 30 years ago and we are a highly motivated team to continue that tradition into the future in order to keep abreast of new trends in environmental ecology and economic benefits of the environment and our customers.
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